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Air tubs are the true essence of luxury.  Whether you spend your days busting your hump at work or chasing after kids, there is nothing more relaxing than climbing into a hot jetted air tub.  With a few candles and a glass of wine, you’ll be transported to a whole new world!  If you’re interested in experiencing this for yourself, check out our top 3 air tub reviews!

Kohler Archer 5 Model # K-1122-GLA-0

KOHLER K-1122-GLA-0 Archer BubbleMassage 5-Foot Bath, WhiteAmong the air tubs that have been getting great air tub reviews is this baby. It has a bubble massage hydrotherapy function that will definitely make you feel relaxed whenever you take a bath. You can even customize the level of intensity of the bubble massage according to your preference. It has a classic and clean design, with its curved bases and beveled edges.

Getting into it is not a hassle in view of its low and very accessible step-over height. Nevertheless, you can still expect to enjoy comfortable and deep soaking. Other specifications about it that you might want to know are its molded lumbar support, tile flange, integral apron, and textured bottom surface. With such specs, no wonder it is getting such positive air tub reviews. 


American Standard 2422VC.020 Evolution

American Standard 2422VC.020 Evolution 5-Feet by 32-Inch Deep Soak Whirlpool Bath Tub with EverClean and Hydro Massage System I, WhiteAnother tub that has been receiving great superb jetted bathtubs reviews is the 2422VC.020 Evolution that is produced by American Standard. This cool item is 5 ft. by 32 In. deep, allowing you to soak comfortably while taking a bath. It has a Hydro Massage System I incorporated in it, featuring eight jets in total. Six of those jets are adjustable to suit your needs.

Another great thing about this piece is its look of cleanliness, in that it is painted with acrylic and thereafter reinforced with fiberglass. You also do not have to clean it too often in view of its EverClean surface that prevents stain and bacteria growth.


Venzi Bathing 30×60 Right Drain White Whirlpool Jetted Walk In Bathtub

Venzi Bathing 30x60 Right Drain White Whirlpool Jetted Step In Walk In BathtubAnother one that you should consider buying when looking for the best air tubs is Venzi’s step in bathtub. This one has the following dimensions: 60″W x 30″L x 22″H. It has a white finish as is sporting color matching jet buttons and faces.

It’s floor has slip resistant material and design for greater safety whenever you enter it thru its 5” entry step. In addition to this, you can be assured of its quality for it is made of acrylic (industrial grade), which is supported by stainless steel frames.


Finishing an elegant bathroom is much more than just finding that perfect showerhead. Showers are great, but they aren’t always a substitute for a hot, relaxing bath.  Jetted air tubs take the experience to another level.  Just try one once and you’ll be hooked instantly!  These aren’t baby tubs!

We’ve gone over three models above, but that’s really just scratching the surface as to what’s available.  There is something to cater to pretty any need or desire. Click on the buttons above to search for other models on Amazon if you didn’t see one that fit your needs on our list.  You could also check out other types of tubs, there’s some great ones out there.

From what we’ve seen so far what kind of options do you like in today’s tubs?  Which was your favorite?