Best Berkey Water Filter Reviews & Comparisons

As more and more homes have started utilizing hard water, the need for water systems is growing. Berkey is one of the most proficient water filter manufacturer. It has a large product catalogue ensuring that there is something for everyone, while maintaining a set high standard in manufacturing and quality control.

The water filters remove even the most rigid chemicals, salt and odor, allowing you to enjoy a refreshing glass every single time. In this article, we are going to go over the Berkey water filter reviews. Our Berkey water filter comparison will help you compare and evaluate which water filter would best fit your needs.

Big Berkey Water Filter Review

Big Berkey BK4X2 Countertop Water Filter System

The Big Berkey water filter is the flagship product of the manufacturer. It has been designed to fulfill the requirements of small to medium sized families. The product’s external parts have been made using exquisite stainless steel, while the internal segment compromises of two patented Black Berkey cleaning elements and two Fluoride elements.

At full capacity, the Big Berkey can hold up to 2.25-Gal of water and produce an impressive 7-Gal per hour of clean water. The water system can be installed quickly and can be utilized while at home or on travel. It can not only tackle the hard water coming through your main water pipe but also purify water from lakes and ponds.

Royal Berkey Review

Royal Berkey with 2 Black Filters and 2 PF-2 Fluoride Filters

The Royal Berkey is a larger version of the Big Berkey. It is intended to be used by large families or in apartments with shared water sources. Aesthetics wise, it looks similar to the aforementioned product, with a polished steel exterior. The internal system makes use of two Black Berkey cleaning elements, which can easily be upgraded to four upon request.

It also comes with a pair of PF-2 to control fluoride levels. The system has a capacity of 3.25-Gal and can process up to 4-Gal of water per hour (or 8-Gal with four cleaning elements). For convenience in portability, the top chamber can be placed within the bottom chamber to minimize the overall size.

Berkey Light Water Filter Review

Berkey Light Water Filtration System

The Berkey Light is a cost-effective alternative to the other units. The filter is made of a light weighed and BPA-free transparent polymer, with a total capacity of 2.75-Gal of water. The transparency allows you to view the water levels without checking the spigot. It comes with two Black Berkey cleaning elements, but can easily be upgraded with two more upon request.

At original configurations, the filter can produce up to 4-Gal of water per hour. The plastic exterior allows the weight of the body to be low, meaning that you can utilize it not only at the home but also while on the go. Do note that while this is a low end version, it produces the same water quality as the stainless steel versions.


The Berkey water filters remove 99.99% of contaminants, making them stand apart from competition. The featured Berkey water filter reviews are among the best in their respective price and capacity categories.

The first one is optimum for most families, while the second one is best suited for larger or joint families. The third and the last one is perfect if you do not want to spend a lot but still want the highest quality of water.