Best LED Shower Head Reviews

Are you looking for the best LED shower head? The following LED shower head reviews will help you. If this innovation in showers is something new to you, then you don’t have to be surprised. Other than the presence of LED lights and turbines, these are like any other showers. The LED lights work because of the impellers or turbines found inside the head and generate power as water flows.

Most units use microcontrollers with temperature sensor to allow change in color of the light emitted by the LED. These products vary in power, color changing feature, quality and special functions so it’s best to read reviews and make an informed decision before buying.


LED Color Changing Showerhead by Shower Door Direct

LED Color Changing ShowerheadYou can buy the best LED shower head at a very affordable price. This product from Shower Door Direct boasts simple design and powerful performance. It allows you to enjoy the fun of a LED showerhead without the need to change batteries because it is powered by water pressure.

It constantly changes colors as the shower is being used. It is so easy to install, requiring no special tools. The chrome finish and adjustable swivel connector makes this a cool showerhead to be used by the entire family. It measures 6X6X6 inches and weighs 6.4 ounces.


LED Color Changing by Best Shower Head

Best Shower Head LED Color Changing - Hand Held Heat Sensor Temperature & Chrome for Kids Bath ToyThe second best LED shower head is true to its name. It is from a brand named Best Shower Head, and they have chosen the right name. Like the first featured product, this uses no battery and uses water power. The showerhead changes color depending on the water temperature.

It displays green, blue, red and combination of red and blue. It safely detects water temperature so you do not have to worry about anything. With this LED showerhead, you can have a more enjoyable bath time. It is silver in color and is in chrome finish.


Magic Showerhead SH1026 7 LED

MagicShowerhead SH1026 7 LED Colors Fading Shower HeadLike the two featured products, this one from Magic Showerhead works by itself or by water pressure. The Chrome finished, fixed showerhead has a removable cover for convenient cleaning. The connector can be swiveled to point at different directions. It is water efficient at 2.5 gpm and its colors fade in seven different colors. This Magic Showerhead can bring more fun into your shower.

It is easy to install and connects to any standard shower arm or filter so you never have to worry about setting it up. It’s 5.31 inches high, 3.15 inches wide and deep. If you are fascinated with rain showerheads, you may also read LED rain shower heads reviews to know the customer feedbacks.


These LED shower heads reviews can help you choose the most suitable showerhead for your need. The three featured products are all powered by water pressure and they all change colors, which is what most people want from LED showerheads. They can certainly add fun whenever you shower because you can achieve a spa like ambiance.

Aside from a dual showerhead, LED heads may be the most fun you’ll have in a shower! But what’s best about these products is that they offer 2.5 gpm standard water flow. This is important so you can save water. No matter how fancy a LED showerhead is, do not forget that it is still used for showering, so it has to have the qualities of a good showerhead.