Best Massaging Shower Head Reviews

The therapeutic use of water pressure to massage has been around from ancient times. In modern times, stress levels are going sky high and the only way to really relieve the body of its effects is through massage. A convenient and accessible option for everyday use is water massage.

In the privacy of your own home and at your convenience you can use a massaging shower head to get rid of aches and pains. A massaging shower head will make all the difference to your showering experience. To relax muscles and relieve them from muscular pain and increase the blood circulation the best massaging shower head reviews have picked the top three.


Earth Massage Shower Head

Earth Massage Showerhead Finish- Chrome, Flow Rate- 1.75 GPMThe Niagara’s Earth® shower head has patented pressure compensating technology that still guarantees a powerful shower flow. It features a 9 – jet adjustable turbo massage that rotates with ease from a gentle needle spray to a forceful jet. This is not an aerated stream so you will experience no temperature loss.

It also has the Soak & Soap® On/Off valve for use while soaping. It comes in white or chrome plated finish. It is a high quality and durable product which is corrosion resistant and its high-impact ABS thermoplastic body meets ANSI specifications and it is guaranteed for 10 years.


Waterpik SM 623 Original 6-Mode Massage Showerhead, Chrome

Waterpik SM 623 Original 6-Mode Massage Showerhead, ChromeThe Waterpik SM 623 Original Shower Massage has a 3-1/2 inch round shower head. It has 6 modes to choose from, Full body coverage, Pulsating massage, Concentrated center spray, Fullbody/massage combination, Full body/center spray combination and water saver. It will definitely soothe your body massaging out the muscle knots from a tense day.

It has a chrome finish and advanced OptiFLOW Technology. This is one of the best massaging shower heads with high performance, style and it comes at a very affordable price. Taking a shower at the end of your day will not only refresh you but actually give you that special therapeutic water massage without too much fuss.


MODONA Massage Shower Head – 5 Functions

MODONA Massage Shower Head - 5 FunctionsFor a rejuvenating  shower experience massaging shower head reviews recommend the Modono massaging shower head. Regular showers will be a thing of the past because with the Modona your showering experience will now be turned into a water massage therapy. The Modona shower head has 5 functions – Jet, Massage, Spray, Jet/Massage and Spray/Massage.

This shower head has been through rigorous testing for quality and function. It is a reliable item that is very easy to install and will fit in with your shower system. Cleaning it is no-fuss as it has been designed for easy cleaning of calcium and lime build-up. Modona is at a good price and will provide you with a relaxing massage shower with one of its 5 settings.


It would be wonderful to come home to a water massage shower. We’ve reviewed the top three highlighting their special massage features. So for a shower experience that you can look forward to each day, these are the top three massage shower heads to use.

The first is the Earth Massage Shower Head which has a 9 – jet adjustable turbo massage. The second, Waterpik SM 623 Original Shower Massage has 6 modes to choose from. The third, Modona Massage Shower Head has been strenuously tested and has 5 functions. More practical than an LED showerhead, the best massaging shower heads have been chosen for their variety of settings, performance, and budget.