Best Shower Enclosures & Kits

Shower enclosures and kits make more efficient use of limited bathroom space. They’re a cost-effective way to have a nice and neat bathroom without having to spend much for tiles, adhesives, grout and labor costs. These are just a couple of reasons many people love shower enclosures and kits…

There are other features of shower enclosures that make some brands and models rank as one the best shower enclosures in the market. The shower enclosures that appeal most to buyers are those that are easy to clean and quick and easy to install as well. There is of course durability, style and design that are also main considerations in choosing the best shower stall kits. Here are 3 of the best shower enclosures available.


OVE Breeze-31-withwalls Premium 31-Inch Shower Kit with Acrylic Base and Walls and Clear Glass Sliding Door

OVE Breeze-31-withwalls Premium 31-Inch Shower Kit with Acrylic Base and Walls and Clear Glass Sliding DoorIf you have a small bathroom, this is one of the best shower kits you can find. This shower enclosure has a round acrylic base and matching acrylic walls. Its reversible shower door is of premium-grade tempered 6 mm thick clear glass. CSA certified, the OVE Breeze-31 has a chrome finish and a simple yet beautiful design that can easily blend in and fit into almost any bathroom corner.

Its heavy glass doors and sturdy acrylic base and walls give a feel of class and high quality. You will not feel claustrophobic at all when you are inside this strong and sturdy stall because of its clear glass doors. Installing this shower stall is not at all complicated. It comes with a well-illustrated assembly/ installation manual that is basic and easy to understand and follow.

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DreamLine DL-6152-01FR Prime 31 3/8-Inch by 31 3/8-Inch Frameless Sliding Shower Enclosure, Base and QWALL-4 Shower Back Walls Kit

DreamLine Prime 31 3:8 inch by 31 3:8 inch Frameless Sliding Shower Enclosure, Base and QWALL-4 Shower Backwall Kit, DL-6152-01FR reviewThis 33 in. x 33 in. shower enclosure has a quarter round shower base made from durable and fine finished acrylic/ABS advanced materials. This shower stall which is one of the best shower enclosures you can find have matching shower back walls with an attractive tile pattern design. Also made of the same material as its base, the back wall panels are easy to trim to fit the size of the space in which they will be installed.

This enclosure has a very appealing and neat frameless glass design with anodized aluminum profiles and guide rails. It also comes with 2 glass corner shelves. This enclosure with water tight panel connections can be easily installed right onto existing finished bathroom surfaces. It comes with a 5 year manufacturer’s warranty for the shower enclosure, a limited lifetime manufacturer warranty for its base and a limited 1-year manufacturer warranty for the back panels.


DreamLine DL-6713-01CL Solo Frameless Sliding Shower Enclosure and SlimLine 38-Inch by 38-Inch Quarter Round Shower Tray

DreamLine Solo Frameless Sliding Shower Enclosure and SlimLine 38 inch by 38 inch Quarter Round Shower Tray, DL-6713-01CLThe features of this solo frameless shower enclosure from DreamLine can easily make it one of the best shower surround that you would want to have in your bathroom. Its quarter round shower tray is made of high-quality scratch-proof, stain-proof, textured and slip-proof acrylic. Its sliding door makes way for a wide opening for easy entrance and exit into the enclosure.

The sleek and modern shower base and its frameless clear tempered glass design with anodized aluminum profiles and guide rails will give any bathroom an illusion of space and an impressive new and classy look. Easy to install over finished bathroom walls the shower enclosure has a limited 5-year manufacturer warranty while the very durable shower base has a limited lifetime manufacturer warranty.


Having a nice, clean and neat shower area in your small bathroom is easy to achieve with these prime shower enclosures. They can easily fit into most bathroom corners and are easy to install. Considering the money you save on tiles, grout, sealants, labor cost and of course shower curtain rods and shower curtains, installing a high-quality shower enclosure is a wise and cost-effective decision.

The products that made it on this review are some of the best options that you can find around. They are functional and stylish, making them worth the money that you will spend.  Once you’ve found a great shower enclosure you check out some elegant shower fixtures!