What Is The Best Tile For Showers? – Choosing Shower Tiles

The best tile for showers should be assigned a slip rating A, B, or C.The A rating will be the most slip resistant. Besides looking good, tile should also feel good. Try combining different tile types for a creative effect. Bathroom tiles are either glass or ceramic. There is a wide variety to choose from but not all are practical and waterproof.  For curved areas, you may want to use smaller tile.


White Marble Hexagon 1×1 POLISHED Mosaic Tiles on 12×12 Sheet

White Marble Hexagon 1x1 POLISHED Mosaic Tiles on 12x12 SheetMade from the highest premium quality marble the tile is consistent in color, sizing and finish this is easily some of the best tile for shower walls. It has a very interesting hexagon shape with straight edges and polished surface. The mosaic tiles are mounted on a sturdy mesh making installation easy and flawless.

Large quantities of this design are available in full pallets and containers. It is well suited to indoor and outdoor use either for a commercial or a residential project. It provides the look of marble without the full cost of marble making it one of the best shower tiles.


2×4 Brick Pattern Honey Onyx Polished Mosaics Meshed on 12″ X 12″ Sheet for Backsplash, Shower Walls, Bathroom Floors

2x4 Brick Pattern Honey Onyx Polished Mosaics Meshed on 12 inch X 12 inch Sheet for Backsplash, Shower Walls, Bathroom FloorsIf you are wondering – What type of tile is best for shower walls? The Brick Pattern Honey Onyx Mosaics Mesh is best used on shower walls. It is also one of the best tile for shower floors and swimming pool inlays. It is also available in Red Onyx, Gold Onyx and Green Onyx.

The tile is 12 Inch x 12 inch, less than a sqf. It is made of local raw materials and due to manufacturing techniques there will be a variation from tile to tile in body and color. The beauty of this tile is based on this special variation.


Carrara Marble Italian White Bianco Carrera 3×6 Marble Subway Tile Honed

Carrara Marble Italian White Bianco Carrera 3x6 Marble Subway Tile HonedThese are versatile tiles for commercial and residential use. It is of the finest European marble as Natural Stone Wholesalers only use European marble. 1 sqf of 3 inch x 6 inch tiles contain 8 pieces. The pieces are the same size of good quality and are consistent.

This is a natural stone tile and can be used in a number of settings. It is the best tile for the shower floor and walls.   The beautiful Italian Carrara Marble for wall and floor covering will bring a luxurious old European style to your bathroom enhancing with its grandeur and quality.


Aside from a unique shower head, you can give your shower its own distinctive look with the big variety of tiles for showers. From the various sizes and colors you can make your pick to create a stunning bathroom. Tile has become easy to install and is many times done by DIY homeowners. The three choice shower tiles in this review is the White Marble Hexagon a high quality premium marble tile with an interesting design and easy installation.

The Brick Pattern Honey Onyx Polished Mosaics is made of raw material giving it that interesting differentiation in color from tile to tile. The Italian White Bianco Carrera lends itself to creating the old school European style. Whichever you choose the quality and style of these tiles will enhance and upgrade your shower to a higher level.

If the idea of tiling doesn’t sound like your thing, take a look at shower kits. We have the best shower enclosure reviews online!