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Why is Hard Water Bad For Your Skin?

water softener shower head

Let’s start with defining what hard water is. Hard water is water that contains high mineral content such as magnesium and calcium. With the presence of these minerals in water, soap solutions form what we call soap scum (soap residue) which is this white scum we see in our shower. Well guess what, the same thing happens to our skin! Soap will leave residue in our body which will of course cause our skin to be dry and itchy since it can strip our skin of its natural oils. Not only it can dry your skin, but it can also clog your pores which cause blackheads and whiteheads. But how do we solve this? Well that’s when the water softener shower head comes! Below are the top 5 of the best shower head water softeners.

Culligan WSH-C125 Wall-Mounted Filtered Showerhead with Massage

The Culligan Wall-Mounted Chrome Filtered Shower Head is this year’s best shower head water softener due to the fact that it will reduce sulfur odor and chlorine, which will help you get a softer, cleaner skin and also hair! Plus, this showerhead offers five spray settings for you to choose depending on your mood. You can choose from a full-body spray for a maximum water coverage, to an energizing pulse for the most relaxing muscle massage. This filter’s installation is incredibly easy, it doesn’t require any tools and it can be installed within minutes using just a little bit of Teflon tape.

Barclay's Shower Head with Shower Filter Included

This water softening shower head also comes with different spray settings you can choose from, this time 3: Rainfall, non-pulsating massage and a combination of both. Aside from this feature, this shower head will also help you save water since it includes a stainless steel face plate with micro-hole technology that enhances your water pressure. You will be saving water and money without having to sacrifice your water pressure as most of the water saver shower heads do. This shower head has really proven to improve your skin health and it also removes the smell that hard water normally comes with.

Limia's Care Shower Filter

This shower filter cartridge has several filtering layers which are a tested, eco-friendly and effective composition for cleaning and softening shower water:

- Activated carbon that traps herbicides, pesticides, and other impurities.

- Calcium sulfite that removes chlorine and other harmful chemicals.

- KDF 55 which eliminates hydrogen sulfide and arsenic.

- PP Cotton that filters dust, sediments and rust.

- Mesh filter that prevents dust and sediments.

This shower filter also helps to prevent the growth of bacteria, fungi and algae on your shower head and other places in your bathroom. This filter has helped a lot in reducing dandruff due to its in depth cleanse and the improvement in the skin and hair.

AquaCare By HotelSpa 7-Setting Filtered Handheld Shower Head

I personally love this design, it make the shower head look very fancy. This handheld water softening shower head is a high-power 7-setting Showerhead with a 3 Stage KDF Carbon filter. This shower head’s 7 settings include pause modes, hydrating mist, pulsating massage, power rain, rain/massage, rain/mist and this shower head will also help you save water with it’s setting water-saving economy rain. This shower head will also help you prevent the growth of mold, algae and mildew, and its tool-free installation is super easy. This shower head also reduces exposure to radioactive Iodine, Radon and Hydrogen Sulfide and it improves water's pH Balance.

QwenchPure Shower Head Water Filter

This water softener shower head also helps purify water by not only removing chlorine and with it the smell, but also by removing heavy metals, blitz mold, fungus, break up scale and helps prevent hard-water staining. With this shower head, you will see results in your hair and skin in about five to seven days. Though the design is not as fancy as a platinum chrome shower head, this shower head has really proven its results without reducing pressure in the water and it has also helped a lot of people remove the redness in the eyes after taking a shower.


Here's a video that will also explain how to use a shower head water softener and why you should use it.

Water Softener Shower Head

There are a lot other great shower head water softener brands as well as other type of water softener brands. It’s important to choose a shower head water softener to avoid all of these toxic impurities in your body. It can improve your hair by leaving it a lot shinier and keep it’s color whether it’s tainted or natural, it also improves your skin and some even the redness in your eyes. 

Choosing a water softener really depends on whether you want a shower head filter or a shower head that’s already a filtered water softener and the design you want. And you can save some money by choosing some of the ones with water saving settings and also choose the enjoyable massage settings. You can always opt for a whole house water softener systems which will do the job not only in your shower but for all your house, check out some of our water softener reviews as well.

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