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How to Unclog a Kitchen Sink

Kitchen sink featured image

Step 1 – Decide If You Want To Use A Chemical Agent Or Household Products The first step in unclogging a kitchen sink is to decide whether you would like to use a chemical agent or a natural household products like baking soda or vinegar. Step 2 – If Using Household Products Like Baking Soda […]

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How to Replace A Kitchen Sink Strainer

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Step 1 – Remove The Nut Using A Channellock The first thing you need to do is grab your channellock and remove the nut underneath your sink. Please get a bucket to catch the trap water and prevent the floor from getting wet. Step 2 – Remove Another Nut Once again, grab your channellock and […]

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How to Replace a Shower Handle

Shower Handle Featured ImageShower Handle Featured Image

Step 1 – Replace The Shower Knob First thing you need to do is pry out the knob cover. Next, use a screwdriver to remove the center screw which holds the knob. Step 2 – Fix The Handle Adapter The new shower handles come with a handle adapter which secures the handle. You need to […]

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How To Change Your Whole House Water Filter

Step 1 – Shut The Water Supply Off The first thing you need to do is to shut the water supply to the filter. You should be able to do this via the cartridge itself. Step 2 – Unscrew The Filter Housing The next step is to unscrew the filter housing or cartridge carefully. Please […]

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How to Change a Shower Arm

Waterpik Shower Head 2 Setting 8 inch Fixed Cascadia Rainfall FixedMount with 8 inch Flexible Arm Chrome

Step 1 – Remove The Shower Head The first thing you need to do is remove the shower head since it is attached to the shower arm, which we need to get rid of. Usually, it is hand tightened and can be removed easily, but if it’s stubborn, then please use wrench or channellock to […]

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How to Replace a Shower Head

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Step 1 – Inspect Your New Shower Head Replacing your old and clogged shower head with a shiny new shower head is one of the easiest tasks you can do. But you need to make sure that the shower head is connected firmly to the shower arm in order to prevent any leakages. Step 2 […]

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