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What Is The Best Shower Cleaner?

Cleaning the shower is a very laborious task and any help making it easier is welcome. Nobody wants to walk into a moldy stained shower it just defeats the purpose of a refreshing shower. It is often wondered -What is the best shower cleaner? The best three products for shower and tile cleaning are now […]


Bath vs Showers | Which Is Better Water Usage?

Like the debate on which really came first, the egg or the chicken, there’s also this question that a lot of people ask – which is better water usage, bath or showers? Some of you may be on the bath side, while others may bet on shower. At first glance, it seems that shower is […]


How to Save Water with Flow Reducers and Faucet Aerator

Flow reducers and faucet aerators are a modern way to save water without necessarily affecting the flow of water. A faucet aerator can be described as a tiny, disc-shaped, kit that can be attached at the end of any modern faucet. They are simply meant to reduce the flow rate of a faucet by mixing […]