How to Disassemble a Faucet

Step 1 – Figure Out The Part Which Is Giving You Problems

Figure Out The Part Which Is Giving You ProblemsThis is the initial and most important step. You need to figure out the problematic part in your faucet which needs to be replaced. It can be the spout or the handles.

Step 2 – Removing The Spout

Removing The SpoutIf the spout is the problematic part, it can be removed simply by loosening the lock-nut, which can be located on bottom or sometimes on the top of the spout.

Step 3 – Removing The Handle

Removing The HandleIf handle is the problematic part, you can ditch it simply by removing the index button on top of the handle to reveal the screw which holds the handle.

Step 4 – Removing The Screw

Removing The ScrewOnce done, you can remove the handle by unscrewing it using a screw driver. The faucet in the video is a double handled variant but the process is same for a single handle faucet too.

Step 5 – Removing The Cartridge

Once the handle is out of the way, you can remove the cartridge. Some faucets have a separate lock-nut holding the cartridge, so please make sure you remove that too.

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial! Here is a link to the original video!