How to Fix Loose Kitchen Faucet

Step 1 – Gather The Necessary Tools

Gather The Necessary ToolsThe tools that you will need for tightening a kitchen faucet is basin wrench (preferred) or a plier.

Step 2 – Tighten The Lock Nuts

Tighten The Lock NutsUsing a basin wrench, you need to tighten the lock nuts beneath the sink one by one. If you have a two handle faucet, then you would have two lock nuts to tighten.

Step 3 – Optional – For Single Handled Faucets

Optional - For Single Handled FaucetsFor single handed faucets, you typically have only one lock nut to tighten and it is located right in the center. You can see the supply lines coming through the nut. Again, a basin wrench is recommended to finish this job.

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial! Here is a link to the original video!