How to Fix Water Pressure in Kitchen Faucet

Step 1 – Remove And Check Your Aerator

Remove And Check Your AeratorThe main reason why most of the times you can see a decline in water pressure is due to an aerator clogged with debris. All you need is a plier to give it a light twist and your aerator should be easily removed.

Step 2 – Try Cleaning The Aerator

Try Cleaning The AeratorAs we have discussed above, most of the time the issue of water pressure can be solved simply by cleaning the aerator by running it through a stream of water and removing the debris through any sharp object or using cleaning agents like vinegar.

Step 3 – Get A New Aerator

Get A New AeratorIf cleaning the aerator doesn’t help, then you need to get a new aerator which matches the previous one for your faucet.

Step 4 – Turn Your Faucet On

Turn Your Faucet OnOnce you are done cleaning your aerator or you purchased a new one, be sure to turn your faucet on to get rid of any particles or debris inside the spout.

Step 5 – Reinstall Your New Or Cleaned Aerator

Reinstall Your New Or Cleaned AeratorTime to put the cleaned or new aerator back on and that should solve the water pressure issue of your faucet. If it still doesn’t solve, then make sure your shut off valve is completely turned to right and your supply line is clean.

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial! Here is a link to the original video!