How to Install a Kitchen Faucet

Step 1 – Inspect The Faucet

Inspect The FaucetThe first thing you need to do is inspect the faucet and make sure there’s nothing wrong with it before you proceed towards the installation.

Step 2 – Get To Know About Your Faucet Hole Configuration

Get To Know About Your Faucet Hole ConfigurationYou need to make sure that your faucet is going to match the holes in your kitchen sink. This shouldn’t be a problem unless you have a really old sink and you are installing a new faucet.

Step 3 – Mounting The Faucet

Mounting The FaucetEach faucet has a different way of mounting. This particular faucet uses posts that need to be tightened.

Step 4 – Install The Post Nuts To The Faucet

Install The Post Nuts To The FaucetNow that we have mounted the faucet, we need to tighten the post nuts. Make sure you don’t secure them way too tight as you may have to adjust the faucet to make sure it is centered.

Step 5 – Make Sure The Faucet Is Centered

Make Sure The Faucet Is CenteredYou can do any minor adjustments if you want and make sure that the faucet is centered and looks good.

Step 6 – Installing The Supply Lines

Installing The Supply LinesNow we are ready to install the supply lines. I am using stainless steel lines with slip joints. You can hand tighten the slip joints.

Step 7 – Make Sure Its Snug

Make Sure Its SnugOnce we are done with hand tightening them, we need to make sure that they fit nicely using a crescent wrench. Please don’t over tighten the nuts to avoid damaging the threads.

Step 8 – Turn The Valves

Turn The ValvesNow that we are done with tightening, we need to turn the valves slowly. Once done, we are ready to test if our faucet works as intended.

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial! Here is a link to the original video!