How to Replace a Shower Head

Step 1 – Inspect Your New Shower Head

Inspect Your New Shower HeadReplacing your old and clogged shower head with a shiny new shower head is one of the easiest tasks you can do. But you need to make sure that the shower head is connected firmly to the shower arm in order to prevent any leakages.

Step 2 – Make Sure The Water Supply Is Turned Off

Make Sure The Water Supply Is Turned OffAfter you are done with the inspection, please make sure that the water supply is turned off unless you want to get drenched in water.

Step 3 – Remove The Old Shower Head

Remove The Old Shower HeadNext thing you need to do is ditch your old shower head for a new one. You can remove it with your bare hands, but some times the shower head may be a bit stubborn and require you to use a pair of adjustable pliers in order to get it removed.

Step 4 – Use A Watertight Seal If Necessary

Use A Watertight Seal If NecessaryThis step is optional and is only required if your shower head doesn’t have a rubber washer. You can do this using a pipe thread tape three times around in the same direction as the shower threads.

Step 5 – Attach The New Shower Head

Attach The New Shower HeadThis will be the last step. Now you need to attach your new shower head. This usually gets tightened with the help of your bare hands, but if you want to use a pair of pliers, then please make sure that you are using a thin cloth over the shower head to prevent any scratches to the chrome finish.

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