How to Replace a Kitchen Faucet

Step 1 – Shut The Water Off

Shut The Water OffFirst thing you need to do is shut the water off. You can do this by turning both the valves to the right. If your house is older and doesn’t have the shut off valves, then you might have to shut off the water supplier directly.

Step 2 – Release The Pressure Of The Faucet

Release The Pressure Of The FaucetOnce the valves are shut, we need to open the faucet to get rid of any pressure and to ensure that there are no last drips of water.

Step 3 – Detach The Water Lines

Detach The Water LinesThe next step is to remove the faucet by detaching the water lines. Please use a bucket to catch the few drops of water which may fall from the lines.

Step 4 – Remove The Mounting Nuts

Remove The Mounting NutsNow you need to remove the mounting nuts of the faucet. Please do this carefully or you might end up damaging the sink or the faucet threads.

Step 5 – Lift The Faucet

Lift The FaucetCarefully lift the old faucet off. Don’t pull it forcefully if it doesn’t come out. Instead go through the steps above once again to see if you have missed any.

Step 6 – Assemble The New Faucet

Assemble The New FaucetNow its time to assemble your shiny new faucet following the manufacturers instructions. Since this is different for different brands, we won’t be able to provide an individual guide for each brand.

Step 7 – Seal The New Faucet

Seal The New FaucetYou can use either Plumbers putty or Silicone caulking depending on your faucet to seal it tight to your sink to prevent any leakage.

Step 8 – Tighten The Mounting Nuts

Tighten The Mounting NutsPlace the new faucet on the sink, clean up any extra residue of Silicone or putty and proceed to tighten the mounting nuts

Step 9 – Check The Functioning Of Your New Faucet

Check The Functioning Of Your New FaucetNow that the faucet is mounted to the sink, you need to re-attach the supply lines to shut-off valves (use a wrench if you need to tighten it, but don’t overdo it). This step is essentially the reverse of what you did while unmounting your old faucet. Once done, check the functioning of your new faucet and ensure that there are no leaks.

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial! Here is a link to the original video!