Oxygenics Shower Head Reviews

Oxygenics has been making quality showers since 1981. They believe that a shower is one that is water efficient. They have found a way to produce showers that are luxurious and powerful, yet water-saving. It is known for its unique showers that have oxygen for the droplets to expand and cover more of the body.

They guarantee that every shower does not clog, and so they are built to last. The company focuses specifically on making eco-friendly showerheads and not any other product. By doing so, they have made it their expertise. In over 30 years they have already released product lines for residential and commercial use. This Oxygenics shower head reviews will definitely help you choose the best product that suits your need.


Oxygenics 63121 SkinCare Showerhead

Oxygenics 63121 SkinCare Showerhead, GoldOxygenics 63121 SkinCare showerhead should definitely be on the top list of the best Oxygenics shower head reviews. It is gold in color, offers a luxurious look at an affordable price. It adapts itself to low or variable water pressure. It increases oxygen content of water for up to 10 times, purifying your water.

It is called SkinCare because it can revitalize skin and rejuvenate skin cells. This water-saving showerhead can save 30 to 70 percent water. It guarantees no clogging because it is from Oxygenics. Expect no scale buildup or corrosion. It is in 2.5 gpm water flow, a standard low flow rate.


Oxygenics 84220 TriSpa Showerhead

Oxygenics 84220 TriSpa Showerhead, Oil Rubbed BronzeMake a statement with Oxygenics 84220 2.5 gpm. It is in oil rubbed bronze color and is called TriSpa because it features three different spray patterns for the best shower experience. Oxygenics is called such because it combines water and oxygen in its shower heads. This patented technology makes this product more efficient to use since water gets larger and wider.

TriSpa lets you save around 3,431 gallons of water annually. Minerals will not clog in this showerhead because of the Teflon-like material used in the internal part. The style and color makes it an ideal fixture for modern bathrooms.


Oxygenics 95835 Evolution Handheld Showerhead, White

Oxygenics 95835 Evolution Handheld Showerhead, WhiteFor an affordable Oxygenics showerhead, you may try 95835 Evolution. This white, handheld showerhead is also in 2.5 gpm flow rate and push button spray. The oval face can be adjusted so that it rotates to 360 degrees, delivering wider coverage than stationary type. Enjoy four different spray patterns so you can relax with gentle and strong massaging streams.

The sleek style is available in various finishes such as chrome, nickel, white, gold and bronze. It certainly blends with any bathroom design and installs fast on a standard arm. Like all Oxygenics products, it does not clog and scale and is easy to clean.


Oxygenics certainly work in a revolutionary way. With its Oxygenic technology, people can benefit from wider shower coverage and a range of sensations from relaxing to deep therapeutic massage without wasting that much water. Moreover, the company makes maintenance easy. The nonstick internal material prevents calcium deposits that can clog showers.

Best of all, Oxygenics provide showerhead options for a wide budget range. Consumers can definitely buy a showerhead that won’t hurt their pocket. All they need to do is read Oxygenics reviews and get to know their products. For superior products from a top shower manufacturer, you can read an Oxygenics Rejuvenate review. This is a unique showerhead combo for maximum performance.