Salt Free Water Softener Reviews For Non-Salt Systems

Hard water, which occurs as a result of large amounts of calcium and magnesium, can clog pipes and cause difficulties when soap and detergent tries to dissolve in it. In order to reduce these complexities, a technique called water softening can be used to remove the ions that cause the water to be hard. A way in which water can be softened is through the use of a water softener unit, which is connected directly to the water supply.

However, for this method the water softeners contain salt which causes concerns for some people about possible health effects of the sodium that softeners put in the water. Instead of reducing hard water minerals, salt free water softeners act as de-scalers by keeping minerals from being deposited to the surfaces of water, which ensures that water is safe to drink. This salt less water softener review will provide information about the best salt free water softeners on the market.

Aquios FS-234 Whole House Jumbo Water Filter/Softener

Aquios FS-234 Whole House Jumbo Water Filter/Softener

The Aquios FS-234 is a salt-free water treatment system designed for large homes or small businesses. It combines filtration and water softening to reduce the off-taste in water and get rid of scale deposits on your appliances and fixtures.

Salt-based systems remove minerals from your water, but Aquios uses a natural technology to make sure the minerals don’t have a chance to build up. Siliphos, a polyphosphate additive, forms a protective layer on metal surfaces which prevents corrosion and reduces scale buildup. Overall, the Aquios FS-234 is a durable and dependable choice for your larger home.

Aquasana THD-AS20 SimplySoft 2-Year 20 in

Aquasana THD-AS20 SimplySoft 2-Year 20 in Salt-Free Water Softener

The Aquasana THD-AS20 has been independently tested by DVGW to Standard W-512 and proven to reduce scale by 99.6% to ensure that the harmful effects of scale build up are reduced.

The long term benefits of owning this product are huge as the reduction in scale build up means that tankless water heaters, pipes and appliances have a longer life, so they need to be maintained and replaced less frequently. The product lasts for 2 years and is low maintenance, as it does not require electricity or drainage to work efficiently.

HydroFLOW S38 Chemical Free Water Conditioner

HydroFLOW S38 Chemical Free Water Conditioner

At the higher end of the price scale is the HydroFLOW S38 Chemical Water Free Conditioner. Once again, this product prides itself in the simple, non-intrusive installation process, which can be done easily with no plumbers required. Not only does this chemical free solution reduce the harmful effects of lime scale, it also claims to reduce energy consumption which can be of benefit to every household.

Unlike the other two products, this one is suitable for use in both residential and commercial properties. The S38 fits pipes up to 38mm outer diameter and recently won an award for the prestigious 2015 kitchen innovations award by the national restaurant association, making it a worthwhile investment for home and business owners alike.

Unlike traditional water softeners, salt free softeners require no power or servicing, which means that they are simple and easy to use. This no salt water softener review shows that these products can come in all shapes, sizes and budgets.

Whether you want a small appliance for residential usage, or a slightly stronger system for a commercial property, all of these products work to keep minerals at bay which is good for your appliances, the environment and your health. When choosing to purchase one of these products, think about the size of your property, to ensure that you select the one which best fits your requirements.