Single Handle vs Double Handle Faucets: Differences You Ought to Know About

single handle verse double handle“Single handle versus a double handle faucet- which is better?” this is a debate that must be running through your mind if you are looking to replace one or more of your faucets.

Single Handle Verses Double Handle Faucet – Pros and Cons

The reality is that the two come with their own pros and cons and it all depends on your preference and how you intend to use them. This is because, unlike a couple of years back, there is an extensive assortment of trendy faucets in each faucet type in the market today. I’m sure that isn’t exactly the answer you hoped for, but don’t worry…we’ll dig deeper into it!

Whichever you finally decide on, remember that you can still find a great faucet that will meet your pocket and other requirements like function and aesthetics. Below, we are going to look at the pros and cons of the two types.

Single Handle Faucets


GROHE 23084000 BauLoop Single-Handle Bathroom FaucetThese ones are a great favorite among homeowners. This is because they are not only easy to use, they are also affordable. Other than that, they come with various benefits over the double or dual handle faucets.

For example with a single-handle faucet, only a single hole will be cut out of the counter top. In addition to this, modern technology has advanced this type’s functionality to a point where it is capable of offering the same level of control as the other one. The other benefit is related to aesthetics, whereby you can find some extremely attractive faucets of this kind to spice up your kitchen or bathroom.


Like we have already seen, all types of faucets have their benefits and their cons, including the single handle one. If you have had the privilege of using both the single handle and the double handle faucets for an extended period of time, you will already have noticed that the single handle one lacks the same level of control offered by the double handle faucet.

Also, many users have complained of experiencing a sloppy or mushy feeling when turning on the faucet. Others never get to master the art of balancing the handle so as to achieve the desired flow rate and the right temperature of the water.

Another disadvantage of using a single handle faucet is that once it starts to leak, you will have no choice but to shut off both the hot water and cold water valves from beneath the sink as the faucet awaits repair or replacement.



Double Handle Faucets


Moen 84550 Double Handle Centerset Bathroom Faucet from the Darcy Collection (Va, Spot Resist Brushed NickelOne of the most obvious benefits of a double handle faucet is that is offers a better control option when compared to the other kind.  This means that you can easily obtain the desired temperature and flow. The other benefit lies in the fact that you can still use the faucet to some point even when one handle breaks down.

Also, you are less likely to experience accidental scalding with this kind because both handles are well marked out.


Other than being a bit expensive when compared to the single handle type, installing a double handle faucet is more complicated. Also, the chances of a leakage are doubled with two handles.

Armed with this information, you are definitely in a better position to end that single handle versus double handle faucet debate that has been running through your head.