Danze D455158SS Parma Single Handle Faucet Review

Danze D455158SS Parma Single Handle Pre-Rinse Faucet ReviewThe Danze D455158SS Parma Single Handle Faucet can sit well in any kitchen. It has a highly contemporary design that is simple, yet stylish. It’s sure to fit almost any design style you’ve chosen in the kitchen.

Among its outstanding features are the double spray mode, instant switch flip and ceramic valves for drip prevention. A dramatic look that is both functional and durable. Read on to find out more!



Features and specifications

  • It meets all ADA requirements
  • It presents dual modes – the spray and aerated stream.
  • Ceramic valve system to ensure a smooth and drip-free experience
  • Single-hole mount with a modern and glossy appearance.
  • Measurements of 18.7 Inch by 6.2 Inch by 3.3 Inch.


  • Has an ultra-modern appearance
  • Easy to operate
  • Dual operation mode
  •  ceramic valves
  • Warranty (lifetime)


  • While it is true that the whole faucet is made of brass, the nozzle happens to be disappointingly plastic and breaks ultimately.

Performance (5/5)

A double spray mode that allows you to switch from tough spray to aerated dispersal will definitely make washing dishes, filling pots and any other cleaning duty in the kitchen easy and enjoyable. Also, with the spring-recoil spout innovation, you can pull it all over your countertop or even clean a nearby countertop if you have one. It disperses water excellently and it feels very comfortable to the hand.


Design (5/5)

In spite of it being a spring-type spout and neck faucet, the Danze D455158SS is surprisingly good-looking. Its stainless-steel finish is really beautiful and it tends to rhyme well with any other stainless steel appliances in the kitchen. Its one-lever system also tends to make it an exceedingly easy-to-use faucet.

Resilience (4/5) 

The faucet is made from first-class bronze and a stainless-steel finish, which makes it somehow durable but nevertheless bulky. These heavy-weight materials are meant to give it a sturdy structure so that it can easily sustain and function under extreme pressure.  If this is an issue for you then you may be better off looking at other faucets.

Extra Features (4/5)

While it is undeniable that it is a beauty, the Danze D455158SS’s design is definitely hardwearing and industrial. The extras in this faucet tend to bring out its beauty and sturdiness more than anything else.

The neck plus the spout especially happen to have a comfortable length, which makes it easy to wash pans and pots especially when they need to be filled with water. The spout is around 22 inches long or thereabouts and allows the pressure to build inside and in cooperation with the nozzle’s tiny head; the flow of water becomes well-balanced and refined.

Repair and Warranty (5/5)

Danze is a brand name that enjoys a good reputation, so you can expect them to solve any issues you might have. The Danze D455158SS comes with a limited lifetime warranty and based on their reputation, you can expect an amazing after-sale service and customer care.

General Rating (4.6/5)

We cannot deny the fact that the Danze D455158SS is a great favorite among users based on its high ratings. It is simple, modern and functional, which makes it a great buy. The only negative aspect here is the plastic nozzle which needs constant changing. However, the nozzle doesn’t cost much which is why many people choose to overlook this shortcoming.

If you’d like another option, we’d suggest checking out the Kohler K10433VS Forte Single Control.