What Are the Best Brands of Kitchen Faucet?

When we talk of the best kitchen faucet brands in the market today, we are not only referring to brands that will probably last for a few generations, we are actually talking of faucets that come with more style and surprisingly high-tech features.

 Are you aware that there is a faucet that actually lets you check your email? But then, you must be willing to spend well if you intend to get yourself something as spectacular as this.

In spite of this it is still possible to acquire a great faucet in every price range.

Some of the Best Kitchen Faucet Brands


The Toto Ryohan EcoPower Lav Faucet

Toto TEL3GM60RY Ryohan EcoPower Faucet Single SupplyWater saving faucets are becoming popular by the day and it is for this reason that you will find lots and lots of such brands in the market. Many of these faucets use special aerators to strengthen airflow, which compensates for the decreased water flow.

This gives you the same strong flow of water as other faucets. Many brands will enable you to switch between 2 or 3 flow rates. A perfect example of a water saving faucet is the Toto Ryohan EcoPower lav faucet.

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The IKEA GLITTRAN Kitchen Faucet

IKEA - GLITTRAN Kitchen faucet, chrome platedPull-down and pull-out faucets are quite popular since they allow users to move the water to a particular spot. For example, if you need it at the furthest corner of your counter or sink, you will just have to pull your faucet and turn it on.

When compared to pull-downs, pull-outs are shorter and more ideal for smaller kitchens. To control the flow of water and to switch between different flows, use the buttons and toggles on the spray nozzle. A good example is the IKEA GLITTRAN kitchen faucet.

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Kohler Karbon Deck-Mount Faucet

KOHLER K-6274-C11-CP Karbon Deck-Mount Lavatory Faucet with Silver Tube, Polished ChromeWith their ergonomic designs, modern faucets are based on convenience and function. Unlike the ancient, non-pivoting sprouts and hard-to-turn handles we all grew up with, these modern faucets are easy-to-use and appealing to the eye. They are extremely flexible and will therefore allow users to deliver water exactly where it is needed.

Clunky handles have been replaced by slim joystick levers. They may be a bit expensive but they can lift, fold or maintain any position you need them to, giving your room a lustrous, modernized look  A great example which also happens to be among the best kitchen faucet brands is the Kohler Karbon deck-mount faucet.

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The Toto Axiom EcoPower Faucet

Toto TEL3LK10#CP AXIOM ECOPOWER FAUCET (SINGLE SUPPLY, 0.5 GPM, 10 SEC DISCHARGE)(MATERIAL- BRASS, LOW LEAD)Hands-free operation models are sensor-activated faucets that will switch the flow on as soon as they sense your hands. They are a great feature to have in your bathroom seeing that they will automatically switch off while you shave or brush your teeth, saving a lot of water in the long run.

For your kitchen, make sure to get one with an override switch to enable you to keep the water running for as long as you want. Some of the brands available are powered by AA batteries while others will generate their own power like the Toto Axiom EcoPower faucet which has to be used at least ten times daily to stay fully charged.

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