Best Shower Valves: Recommendations That Help You Choose the Perfect Valve

Mixing shower valves combine hot water and cold water so you can enjoy a nice bath with just the right temperature. Using cold water alone may not be a good idea in a freezing weather. You obviously cannot go with hot water only because as you may have already guessed; it would burn your skin.

Choosing the best shower mixing valve is important to get the best shower experience, as well as to prevent accidents that may be caused by hot water. One effective way to find out about the top products to purchase is by reading shower valve reviews like what we have prepared for you. In this review, we will give you a list of who makes the best shower valves.

Best Shower Valves for You to Choose

Delta R10000-UNBXHF Multichoice Universal Shower Only Valve Body

Delta R10000-UNBXHF Multichoice Universal Shower Only Valve BodyIncluded on our list of the top makers of the top rated shower valves is Delta Faucet. This company is known for its cutting-edge technology used in their products. When it comes to shower mixing valves, Delta R10000-UNBXHF is one of its top models. It’s only for showers and cannot be used on tubs.

A great benefit for using this model is that it doesn’t require additional plugs for installation. It’s easy and quick to install and you can use it on any standard plumbing. This means that you save money for not having anything changed on the plumbing system. You can also enjoy high water flow, which would make you enjoy shower even more as water pressure would always be high.


KOHLER K-304-KS-NA Rite-Temp Pressure Balancing Valve

KOHLER K-304-KS-NA Rite-Temp Pressure Balancing ValveKohler is best known for its plumbing products, so this list wouldn’t be complete without this brand. One of their top shower valves is KOHLER K-304-KS-NA Rite-Temp Pressure Balancing Valve. A fantastic feature of this model is that it can prevent both freezing and scalding. The maximum high temperature can be set to avoid scalding.

This is great, especially for those who have kids. If maximum temperature is not set, it may cause accidental burns. Adjusting water temperature is also easy. In case repair is needed, water supply can be turned off with its screwdriver stops. The safety feature that this valve brings is enough to make it on the best products to purchase.


Grohe 35015000 Grohsafe Universal Pressure Balance Rough-In Valve

Grohe 35015000 Grohsafe Universal Pressure Balance Rough-In ValveGrohe is another trusted brand in the industry and Grohe 35015000 Grohsafe Universal Pressure Balance Rough-In Valve is one of the best shower valves that you can get. The best feature about this product is that it can effectively maintain your desired water temperature.

It means that it doesn’t matter whether there’s a change in the supply or flow of the cold or hot water as it would still deliver water on the temperature that you set. This makes shower more comfortable, as well as prevents freezing and scalding. It can also be installed back to back, which makes it more convenient and economical. It also has service stops allowing you to easily shut water off when something needs to be checked or fixed.


That completes our list on the best makers of shower valves in 2015 and the models that you must try. All of these products are effective in providing the best temperature for taking a comfortable shower, based on your preference. Delta R10000-UNBXHF offers high flow rate and easy installation so you can enjoy full water pressure when taking a shower, as well as save on plumbing services as no adjustment is needed. Maybe you can spend the money on a new bathroom sink!

KOHLER K-304-KS-NA Rite-Temp Pressure Balancing Valve is great for its safety feature as you can be sure that water temperature would never go more than the maximum temperature set. Grohe 35015000 on the other hand is a good choice because of the ease of water temperature adjustment and the ability to maintain it even with water fluctuation.

As you can see, even the best showerheads on the market need a good valve working behind them!  Which is your favorite?