Zero Water Filter Reviews Guide To Cleaner Water

Many households elect to purchase water filter pitchers for home use due to the presence of chlorine in their water. Chlorine is added to drinking water supplies to guard against any potential bacteria or other contaminants which may be present, yet the addition also gives an unpleasant, chemical-like taste to drinking water.

While the taste of one’s home water supply is certainly important, some households look to water filters for a far more serious reason.

Some homes have a drinking water supply that may be tainted by lead, mercury or other contaminants which are known to cause serious health issues, particularly in regards to long term exposure. The presence of lead in drinking water can cause serious physical and mental damage in its consumers, though children and pregnant women are at a particularly high risk.

Many consumers are primarily concerned about purchasing a water filter which provides maximum protection for their families. Many zero water reviews rate their filters and products as being superior at ensuring a truly clean supply of drinking water.

Zerowater Replacement Filters​

Zerowater Replacement Filters​

The Zero Water replacement filter works via a five-stage patented process which allows for even the smallest particles to be effectively filtrated. This gives this brand the distinction of being the sole pour-through filter that has been proven to reduce lead, mercury and arsenic levels in drinking water.

The fact that consumers are protected against these heavy metals is one of the most frequently mentioned aspects in zero water filter reviews. These filters come in packs of two, and can be used in any Zero Water product.

ZeroWater Portable Filtration Tumbler​

ZeroWater Portable Filtration Tumbler​

Bottled water is widely considered to be safer than tap water, yet the expense can add up over time, and some studies have raised concerns over the safety of bottled water which has been exposed to heat. The Zero Water 26oz Portable Filtration Tumbler provides a convenient, safe alternative to bottled water.

It has the many benefits of the ZeroWater filter while still allowing for maximum portability. It can hold up to 26oz of water, making it highly useful for people who are on the go. Designed with consumer convenience in mind, the tumbler indicates when the filter needs to be replaced by changing colors.

Zero Water Cup Dispenser with Filter​

Zero Water Cup Dispenser with Filter

The Zero Water 23 Cup Dispenser carries the title of being the largest filter dispenser that is currently available for purchase. In spite of its impressive capacity, the product is designed to take up minimal space, fitting with ease on most refrigerator shelves. It dispenses neatly via pull spout, and can also be refilled without having to remove it from the refrigerator.

Particularly beneficial to larger households or consumers who utilize a large amount of drinking water, the Zero Water Dispenser comes equipped with a water testing meter to ensure maximum freedom from potentially harmful contaminants.


The vast majority of zero water reviews enthusiastically endorse their unique, highly effective filter. The quality of water produced by zero water filters is unquestionably superior to residential tap water drinking supplies, as it removes nearly two times the number of contaminants than most standard two filter systems.

Some reviews did mention expense concerns regarding filter replacement purchase, yet when compared with bottled water or other leading brand filter replacement costs, the Zero water filter ranks amongst the best on the market.